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Coronavirus Advice

Parentzone have three tips for starting a difficult Coronavirus conversation with your child. 1. Start Somewhere 2. Be Prepared to Listen 3. Trust Yourself Find out more here:

SPACE Venture into Online Safety

According to the Mental Health Foundation 36% of young people with special educational needs (SEND) have mental health problems compared to 8% of those without. In their guide ‘Cyberbullying and children and young people with SEN and disabilities’, the Anti Bullying Alliance state that evidence shows that children and young people with SEND are significantly more likely to be bullied or victimised than those without. The Internet Matters 2019 report ‘Vulnerable children in a digital world’ predicts that young people with SEND are significantly more likely to experience online risks that include sexting under pressure, coercion and blackmail. We are working with Hertfordshire charity SPACE to

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