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QiSS status
Excite-ed gains national quality training award

Excite-ed gains national quality training award

22 January, 2016

Excite-ed has achieved Quality in Study Support (QiSS) status, by evidencing a sustained commitment to improving and increasing learning by children and young people.


Excite-ed demonstrated its robust management and leadership and ability to be self critical, and strong collaboration with other organisations in planning and running programmes.

Julia Bateson, co-founder of internet safety organisation, Excite-ed said: “We’re delighted to receive QiSS status; this is the second quality award we’ve achieved in three years. 


“Excite-ed provides a wide range of activities, which address multiple needs and appeal to most children and young people. The awarding body, Canterbury Christ Church University, recognised that our activities are sustainable and support development priorities.”


The QiSS Recognition Scheme, awarded by Canterbury Christ Church University, is an integral part of the drive to promote quality in study support. It provides public recognition that the standards embodied in the Extending Learning Opportunities.


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